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To be eligible for the program you must be a Canadian high school student with access to a computer and internet. Students must be based in a Canadian timezone (AT, ET, CT, MT, PT).

No prior experience is required for entry into the summer program but some technical know-how will be beneficial.

The first cohort will run from July 4-22, 2022. The second cohort will run from August 8-26, 2022. During those three weeks, students attend virtual sessions for two to three hours per day, 3 days a week.

Yes. The learning journey is structured to follow a logical flow that builds upon each week. You will be working with a teach to solve a problem by building an app. To get the most of the program and support your team, you should attend all live sessions, but if you must miss a session we can catch you up.

ENIGMA '22 is run by Our Wave Hub. Our Wave Hub is a Canadian ed-tech company and strategic advisory practice that works to bridge the skills gap between a displaced and emerging workforce, and the in-demand skills employers are looking to hire for. We build modular and people-centric learning experiences that sit at the intersections of technical skills, analytical skills and soft skills.

The course is interactive by design and embraces a learn-by-doing approach to skills training. Students will learn entrepreneurial skills, product design skills, and soft skills required to approach their lives and careers like innovators. Topics include: Team Collaboration Problem-solving Building an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with no-code Design Thinking Design sprints Wireframing Brand sprints Building an app with no-code Creating a pitch deck

At the end of ENIGMA you will have collaborated with your team to learn business fundamentals and product design to develop a product from a problem case study to build a functional app using no-code

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